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The Gedling Access Road [GAR] development is fast becoming a reality with work due to start on the scheme imminently. The authority in charge has served both the Side Roads Order [SRO] and the Compulsory Purchase Order [CPO] upon 3W which is one of the legal stages involved. A Side Roads Order [SRO] is a statutory order which authorises a highway authority to make alterations to roads affected by a trunk road scheme. The Compulsory Purchase Order is the instrument which allows certain authorities who need to obtain land or property to do so without the consent of the owner. By way of compensation, 3W are to acquire new adjacent land so we can carry on our Scouting activities at Pepperpots. Both the SRO and CPO are to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport for consideration who will review the plans and confirm them. Although a date has been set for the 2019 bonfire and fireworks party at Pepperpots, it is likely this will not take place as events should have gathered pace by then. Further updates will follow in due course.

December 2018

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