About Pepperpots

Our Group is fortunate to be one of the few in Nottinghamshire to have our own training ground. We call this ground 'Pepperpots', named after the structures at the top of the shafts that were built in the 19th century to ventilate the railway tunnel underneath the land.

Pepperpots was bought by the Group in December 1977 although it had been used by the group on a rental basis for several years before that date. The purchase price was raised over a couple of years through an extensive fund raising campaign.

In 1996 work began on building the Ellis Building, however for many years it remained basically a shell with no internal partitioning, heating, rooms or toilets. On 20th September 1998, the Ellis Building was named and officially opened by the Mayor of Gedling.

The site contains a grassy area outside the Ellis Building adjacent to the 'Top Pepperpot' known as the 'Top Plateau' which is used for activities most weeks. The track on the left and 'Otter's Steps' to the right lead down to the 'Bottom Field' used for ball games or wider-ranging activities, including the annual bonfire event attended by many from the local community. At the lower end of the bottom field on the left hand side is our 'Centenary Camp Fire Circle' built in 2008.

Further on is the 'Bottom Pepperpot' leading to a less-developed part of the site used for nature work and building bivouacs.

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