About the Gedling Access Road [GAR]

Following the resurrection of the project, the Homes & Communities Agency [HCA], are now the driving force behind the GAR development.

The HCA has confirmed the planning application is in the process of being refreshed and is expected to be submitted approx. mid-July 2014. In addition topographical and ecological surveys are currently being undertaken as part of the process.

The HCA has confirmed funding of £23m is in place out of total costs of £32m. £7m is coming from HCA and £16m from Nottinghamshire County Council. At the time of writing [May 2014] they are presently looking at getting a developer in place in order to help secure the final chunk of funding. This process is at the ITT stage and they expect to have a decision/choice of developer by end October 2014.

Timescales for the project are unclear, however the HCA have advised that the County Council money would be available in 2017/18.

If the project gets the final go-ahead, 3W will lose part of Pepperpots and part of our land will be subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order. It is hopeful that 3W will be able to negotiate a land exchange as part of this process.

Update - 17 October 2014

The Group has written to Gedling Borough Council and has set out our stance in respect of the proposed development. The letter also sets out what we as a group need and want when the project is given the go ahead. Click here to read the letter.

Latest update - September 2016

3W's Executive Committee has recently met with Via EM, the organisation now responsible for the delivery of the GAR. It was a very positive meeting where Via EM gave a detailed presentation of the road scheme and discussed the implications and impact of the project to the Committee members. Via EM are now clear as to what 3W expects and a broad agreement has been reached in principle over a land exchange. The next step is for Via EM to draw up draft terms which the Committee can consider and take legal advice over.

GAR Aerial Map (Click to enlarge)

Websites of parties involved:

  * Homes & Communities Agency [HCA]

  * Gedling Borough Council

  * Gedling Borough Council-
    Planning Details

Aerial view of Pepperpots How the Site Will be Affected

This view shows how Pepperpots will be affected by the building of the Gedling Access Road [GAR]. Land to the right of the red line will be lost. Essentially due to gradients, the road will be built high up on an embankment and therefore the embankment will start to rise up from Pepperpots site.

Please note the map below does not show the exact route, but serves to give people an idea of how the site will be affected.

Map courtesy of Google Maps

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